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About Us

The Anis Memorial Educational Society was founded in “2020” with the goal of spreading quality education throughout Pakistan. One of the Society’s goals is to publish research journals in various fields that are beneficial to economic and social development.​


free conventional and Islamic education.

We Serve Free Conventional and Islamic Education to remote areas of Pakistan

Skilled Workers Program (STEM)

Providing teaching in education to the People through the Skilled Workers Program (STEM)

Empowering Institutes

Donations to help the institution become self-sufficient by establishing a small business in the agriculture/cattle-forming sector or by charging a small fee.

Who We Are

Anis Memorial Educational Society is a group of knowledgeable individuals in their respective fields. Staff motivated by society, students, and parents work together to create a community in which students can explore and expand their talents. We are not looking for talented children; rather, we want to help children discover their own talent. AMES’ work in Thar Sindh for welfare and education is in line with our goal of spreading education to the most remote areas of Pakistan.

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